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Why isn’t the government calling the LAX shooting “terrorism?”

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Woman who dressed up as Boston bombing victim gets death threats

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Friend Says Bombing Suspect Switched Between Colleges To Follow The Parties


**Not new but an article I hadn’t come across before. It’s also interesting because the friends comments towards the end sound like, although surprised, thinks Jahar is guilty but this same guy was listed in several articles about the arraignment as he was there with a dozen or so other teammates and their coach to show of them even said they were there so Jahar would know he “wasn’t alone”. Unfortunately they weren’t able to fit into the main courtroom so Jahar didn’t see them there but I think they all signed a card for his upcoming birthday which they gave to his lawyers. This article is from April so I’m just wondering what the friends opinion of things are now.**

As the manhunt for one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing continued through the day Friday, UMass Dartmouth undertook a campus-wide evacuation after officials there confirmed that Dzokhar “Jahar” Tsarnaev was registered at the university.

Tsarnaev is even believed to have spent time at the school Wednesday after allegedly participating in Monday’s attack.

However, UMass Dartmouth wasn’t the only school where the 19-year-old Tsarnaev spent time during his brief college career. Tsarnaev, who was apprehended by authorities Friday night, initially enrolled at UMass Boston, but withdrew before attending a single class, a decision one of his good friends said was motivated by a desire to focus on “parties.”

Yushun Tsou attended Cambridge Rindge & Latin high school with Tsarnaev. They both joined the wrestling team in their sophomore year, which began in 2008. Tsou told TPM that Tssarnaev was a “well-respected wrestler” who rose to become team captain in his senior year. Because they were both on the team, Tsou said he “hung out basically every single day” with Tsarnaev during wrestling season. After their graduation, both Tsou and Tsarnaev went to UMass Boston. Tsou said their freshman orientation was one of the last times they spoke and Tsarnaev discussed his plan to change schools.

"When I spoke with him, he was interested in switching to UMass Dartmouth just because he was interested in following parties," said Tsou. "We were cracking jokes."

A spokesman for UMass Boston, DeWayne Lehman, confirmed Tsarnaev was registered at the school in fall of 2011.

"He applied for admission at UMass Boston in 2011 and he was admitted. He did register for classes, but he withdrew from his classes before the semester started," Lehman said.

Lehman also said he believed Tsarnaev did attend freshman orientation before departing for UMass Dartmouth.

"My understanding is that he did and freshman orientation is when, then or soon after, that you register for classes," said Lehman. "So, he did register for classes and he did withdraw himself from the university, so he never actually attended any classes in the fall 2011 semester."

Once Tsarnaev settled in at UMass Dartmouth, his grades were reportedly less than stellar. According to the New York Times, Tsarnaev received “seven failing grades over two semesters in 2012 and 2013.”

Tsou said he had the impression Tsarnaev planned to focus on the social aspect of college rather than the academic.

"When I was talking to him during orientation, it seemed like his intention for the future was just kind of to coast through college and to enjoy it. … During orientation, I asked him what his major was, he said he was undecided," explained Tsou. "His future plan was to coast and enjoy life. That’s pretty much it. … When he applied to UMass Boston, his major was undeclared and his only major motivation was just to have fun."

In high school, Tsou said Tsarnaev was also committed to having a good time.

“A lot of people said he was quiet, he wasn’t very quiet. He joked around a lot,” said Tsou. “I feel like being part of the — one of his teammates, I got to see him joke around a lot more than everyone else. He was a clown in my opinion. He was a really fun guy to be with.”

A classmate who did not wish to be named, described some of Tsarnaev’s recreational activities.

"He smoked a lot, he was a stoner. He drank, he went to parties, he did all the things that we all did in high school," the classmate said.

Though he liked to party, Tsou said Tsarnaev’s religion was quite important to him. However, Tsou said Tsarnaev had a “laid back” attitude about Islam.

"I’ve always known that he was a very firm Muslim," said Tsou. "He went to the mosque sometimes. He and I talked about him and his religious views. He was just kind of laid back about it all."

As he did on social media, Tsou said Tsarnaev simply cited his religion when asked about his political beliefs. Tsou said Tsarnaev shied away from discussing political issues and always had the same, short answer when talk turned to politics.

"Whenever I talked to Jahar about it, he would very subtly just shrug his shoulders and be like, ‘Well, I’m Muslim,’ and that was pretty much it," Tsou recalled.

After Tsarnaev switched schools, Tsou said they “kind of lost contact.” Like many of Tsarnaev’s other friends and family members, Tsou said he never would have expected Tsarnaev to be capable of such dramatic violence. He described the allegations of Tsarnaev’s participation in the bombing as “kind of a blindside.”

"This whole event, it just seems like something happened to him in the past six months that led to this," said Tsou. "I do, obviously, as of right now, kind of wish that I kept in contact with him, because, I don’t know it’s really just not Jahar’s personality to do this. I feel like I — in my head, I feel like I know him very well. It’s just a blindsiding feeling."

Indeed, Tsou said many who were on the wrestling team with Tsarnaev were in disbelief about his alleged involvement in the bombing. He described them as “shocked.”

"I still am kind of skeptical in how far he has gone in terms of this whole situation," Tsou said. "With the amount of evidence that’s been piling up, it’s kind of unquestionable, but there’s still a part of me that hopes that maybe one or two bad things just happened and it just cascaded."

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-A short compilation of public opinion on the alleged “boat note”.

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Anonymous: "I'm so confused about the note Jahar supposedly wrote in the boat he was hiding in. Has it been confirmed that there was a note? Was it a note explaining his actions aka the bombing or did he write something because he knew he was going to die and wanted to state his innocence?"


The boat writing has never been publicly confirmed.  It has been referred to in legal documents and reported on by news sources.  The first mention of the writing was from a local Boston news station that reported writing was found in the boat the day after the manhunt.  Then about mid-May John Miller - a CBS reporter and former FBI (Ahem..) “broke” the story with more detail about writing found in the boat. 

No one other than Jahar and possibly his defense (if he is the source of the writing) know the true intended meaning of what was written in the boat.  The defense and prosecution are now arguing over this.

The defense said in their most recent filing that the alleged writing “simply state the motives for his (Mr. Tsarnaev’s) actions (the bombing), and are a declaration in anticipation of his own death.”  The prosecution is arguing that the writing is “a clarion call for would be radicals to take up arms.”  Kind of dramatic and a stretch if you ask me, but they are being hard asses about every little detail.   

There does not appear to be anything written in the boat about claims of innocence.   

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Fact sheet


**This thing seems to be growing longer & longer as the months pass. I came across it while organizing files on my computer & thought I’d post what (I think) is the most up to date version as I know people refer to certain aspects of it regularly.**

• It is a FACT that the exploded backpacks were black – from CCTV footage, Jahar’s was white/gray in color. It is a FACT that the backpack pictured at Jahar’s feet outside of the Forum restaurant (the backpack said to have contained a bomb) does not match the backpack that Jahar arrived with. It is also a FACT that the backpack at his feet doesn’t match pictures of the exploded backpack. Some have pointed out that the bag pictured on the ground instead closely resembles the camera bag of victim Lu Lingzi.

• It is a FACT that it was reported by authorities that there were 5 bombs there that day. Wall Street Journal, CBS, KTLA, CNN, Fox, ABC, The Boston Globe & the Boston PD took to Twitter to warn & advise that numerous additional devices had been found around Boston & that the bomb squad was “dismantling” & conducting controlled explosions of these devices. (

• It is a FACT that the pressure cooker contained female DNA. Neither Jahar’s OR Tamerlan’s DNA was found on any fragments of the bombs (the female DNA also was NOT a match to Tamerlan’s widow)

• It is a FACT that the US public was originally told that Saudi national Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi was a “person of interest” in the case. The FBI searched his apartment, claimed to have found nothing yet scheduled him to be deported under section 212 3B -“Security and related grounds - Terrorist activities”. Shortly thereafter he was deported but his file was then altered to remove the 212 3-B “terrorist activities” charge. Despite the fact that he was in the US on a student visa for a college in Ohio, he lived in Revere, MA. Why aren’t we being told of the numerous familial links that Ali Alharbi has to known members of al-Qaeda? Why did U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry have a private meeting with a Saudi foreign minister shortly after Ali Alharbi was identified as a potential suspect (the meeting was abruptly closed to all press coverage)?

• It is a FACT that the Fire Chief, head of the Boston FBI & Boston Police Commissioner all resigned shortly after the bombing.

• It is a FACT that Jahar’s empty firework tubes contained RED powder while the pressure cookers contained BLACK powder.

• It is a FACT that there was simply not enough gunpowder from any fireworks that could have caused the blasts at the marathon, according to expert Julie L. Heckman of the American Pyrotechnics Association: “We believe it is virtually impossible to create the level of destruction and devastation caused in Boston with legitimate consumer fireworks”

• It is a FACT that immediately following the shooting of MIT Officer Collier, local police issued a BOLO for a 120lbs black male in dark clothing who had been seen fleeing the scene of the shooting. (

• It is a FACT that despite authorities claiming that officer Colliers shotgun had not been stolen from his vehicle, police scanner audio recordings from that night clearly states that when other units arrived, the shotgun was missing from the vehicle. After canvassing the area, the shotgun was recovered within a few blocks of the shooting. The retrieval of this weapon was said to have been the motive for the shooting of Officer Collier.

• It is a FACT that the night of the carjacking, both “Danny’s” (alias used by carjacking victim) & the FBI’s criminal complaint report do not match. They contain completely different versions of how events transpired (the length of said kidnapping ranges from 30-90 minutes & the manner in which Danny escaped or was let go has been hotly debated. Even his race is in debate with the media identifying him as a Chinese national while the gas station attendant that he contacted for help described him as a 20-25 year old Caucasian)

• It is a FACT that police scanner audio recordings clearly state that the carjacking took place at a gas station in Cambridge – this contradicts both Danny’s & the FBI’s versions of events which stated that the carjacking took place on an abandoned city street. The police scanner’s also state that the carjacking victim is the “nephew of an off duty police officer” – a fact that the press never reported.

• It is a fact that the night Tamerlan was killed, Boston PD were heard over the police scanner naming 1 of the suspects as Sunil Tripathi no less than 10 times. Curiously the body of Sunil was later found floating in the waters of Providence, RI. To date, no time or manner of death has ever been released. How & when did he die & why was he named as being a suspect in the first place?

• It is a FACT that Jahar (while unarmed) was shot at least 11 times as well as being hit by 4 flash bang grenades. Jahar sustained bullet wounds to both legs, his left arm & hand, a severe laceration from just behind his ear down to his collar bone. He suffered facial injuries to his cheek & jaw that required a portion of his jaw to be wired together & causes his eye to sag slightly. He has extensive damage to his neck & throat. He is also entirely deaf in his left ear. ALL of these injuries were sustained by the over 300 rounds fired into the boat where he was hiding, in addition to the 4 incendiary devices thrown into the boat. These devices could have caused not only death to the suspect but massive damage to the surrounding neighborhood as the boat’s tank contained 40 gallons of fuel.

• It is a FACT that Jahar Tsarnaev, a US citizen, was interrogated, while in critical condition & heavily medicated, for 16+ hours without having his Miranda rights read to him & without a lawyer present, despite his repeated requests for one to be provided to him.

• It is a FACT that FEMA & the DHS had planned to conduct a bombing drill/training exercise (eerily similar in detail to the events that actually unfolded) in the weeks after the Marathon Bombing. It is also a FACT that the detailed plans for the “exercise” were revealed by the Boston Globe newspaper in early June 2013 with officials stating that the exercise had been cancelled due to the fact that they had already gone through “the real thing”.

• It is a FACT that Topsfield, MA police recently discovered a pressure cooker & other materials to make a pressure cooker bomb (in addition to unregistered weapons & large quantities of ammunition) similar to those used in the Marathon Bombing, at the home of Daniel Morley. The similarities to the materials found in his home & those said to have been used in the BMB are disturbing to say the least (—-a-troubled-intellect-is-there-a-connection-to-the-boston-marathon-bombings-part-1-by-b-blake.html) He was released on $20,000 bail after only being charged with assault & battery and making a bomb threat. Neither the FBI nor the Joint Terrorism Taskforce appears to be investigating the possible connection between Mr. Morley & the marathon bombing.

• It is a FACT that on July 11th, 2013, a Boston Police officer was arrested after authorities found a stash of military grade explosives, grenades, blasting caps, bomb making tools (wiring & detonation tools) & other military-issue weaponry at his home. He was temporarily suspended from the police department with pay.

For additional information & inconsistencies of this case, please take the time to visit at least 1 of the following websites: - - - -

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Tsarnaev's lawyers want docs from interrogation of family, friends


In a filing Monday, Tsarnaev’s attorneys said the government has failed to provide information related to certain defense requests and made “deficient” responses to others.

The 20-year-old’s attorneys specifically reference their request for reports from the FBI interrogations of Tsarnaev’s sister-in-law, Katherine Russell Tsarnaeva, as well as his brother’s close friend who was killed during questioning, Ibragim Todashev. The lawyers also asked for reports from the interrogations of Todashev’s associates, Tsarnaev’s family members in Russia, and his three friends facing charges for allegedly throwing out evidence.

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Gov’t. shutdown could delay court cases in Boston


Several high-profile cases are scheduled to be heard in the U.S. District Court in South Boston, such as the trials of James “Whitey” Bulger and Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. If the shutdown persists, both might need to be rescheduled due to the lack of funds, according to various news outlets.

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Interview With Cops That Had Shootout With Boston Bombing Suspects In Watertown

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